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Wouldn't it be great to have maracas, Hawaiian leis, sunglasses & blow-up instruments
as you & your guests are dancing around the room in a conga line to Hot-Hot-Hot or jammin' to Old Time Rock & Roll? Party favors are a Great addition. We offer many different party favors to be used in conjunction with some of the most popular songs.
Special Party Packages
Basic Party Package
Less than 75 people
Deluxe Party Package
Over 75 people
Assorted Inflatable Instruments - 1/2 Dozen Assorted Inflatable Instruments - 1 Dozen
Assorted Sunglasses - 1 Dozen Assorted Sunglasses - 2 Dozen
Hawaiian Leis - 2 Dozen Hawaiian Leis - 4 Dozen
Assorted Party Hats - 1/2 Dozen Assorted Party Hats - 1 Dozen
YMCA Hats/Chicken Masks - 1/2 Dozen YMCA Hats/Chicken Mask - 1 Dozen
Plastic Maracas/Noise Makers - 1 Dozen Plastic Maracas/Noise Makers - 2 Dozen
Ultimate Party Package
Includes the Ultimate Party Package Plus
1 Tube Tri-Color Glow Necklaces

Party Favor Song Suggestions
Wedding Bubbles Introductions or Bride & Groom send off
Maracas Hot-Hot-Hot, Conga
YMCA Hats YMCA, In the Navy, Macho Man
Hula Hoops Twist, Let's Twist Again, Twist & Shout
Blow Up Guitars Old Time Rock & Roll
Blow Up Microphones Paradise by the Dashboard Lights
Blow Up Keyboards Great Balls of Fire
Blow Up Saxophones Morse Code of Love, Rosalita
Blow Up Birthday Cake Happy Birthday for one of your guests
Blow Up Beach Ball Summer & Beach Themes
Hawaiian Leis Limbo Rock, Surfing U.S.A., Hot-Hot-Hot
Blues Brothers Sunglasses Soul Man, Grease Lightning
Wrap Around Sunglasses Love Shack, What I Like About You
Chicken Masks Chicken Dance
Cowboy Hats Country Line Dancing
Bandannas Country Line Dancing, Games
Tambourines Karaoke & Group Sing-A-Longs
Giant Hands Hands Up, Macarena, YMCA
Magic Neon Necklaces Night Time & Children Parties
Gangster Hats New York, Billie Jean, Stayin' Alive, Miami

Description Amount/Dozen
Beach Comber Hats $25.00
Bubbles $4.00
Chicken Masks $30.00
Cowboy Hats $25.00
Gangster Hats - Assorted Colors $20.00
Hawaiian Leis $5.00
Inflatable Beach Balls $15.00
Inflatable Guitars/Banjos $20.00
Inflatable Saxophones $20.00
Plastic Maracas $15.00
Sunglasses - Assorted Styles $15.00
Tambourines $25.00
YMCA Hats - Assortment $25.00
Tri-Color Glow Necklaces (48) $75.00

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